Babylotion is Made Out of Babies

by Penis Syringe

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Recorded using regular tape recorders then transferred into a computer to make the CD, songs are from several practice sessions between 2004-2005. Released on the one year anniversary of Ronald Reagan's death! CDr, xeroxed covers with backside being a poster, limited to 86. Some versions came with a bonus DVD with "Mushrooms Only Belong On Pizzas" music video.


released June 5, 2005

Breakyrfucking Records

David Toe Nail Surgery - Headacheing Blastbeats
Jason Puke - Blood Splattered Chainsaw
Andrew Fuckface - Barbwire Fingers
Cesar Rabies - Slaughtered Vocal Chords

Cover artwork ripped off by Cesar Rabies
Logo by Robert Morales
Layout by David Toe Nail Surgery and Cesar Rabies



all rights reserved


Penis Syringe El Paso, Texas

Penis Syringe was started on September of 2004 by David Toe Nail Surgery (drums), Jason Puke (guitars) and Cesar Rabies (vocals). Later members included Henry Bonemeal (Bass on 2 songs in the EP) Freddy (bass on the first P.S. show at Surge's in 2004) and Andrew Fuckface (bass on album). P.S. ended in September of 2005. Members went on to form/join other bands and are still active. ... more

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Track Name: Horny Priest, Pregnant Nuns
Priests can't get married
But that doesn't stop them
From brutally raping nuns
For their dirty urges

Horny Priests, Pregnant Nuns (x4)

Laying face down
On a puddle of blood and sperm
From a pack of religious perverts
Still they stand proud and firm


Starving and caged
The unborn fetus
Will soon die
And she asks her God "Why?!"


Raped and littered
Across the dessert
Dead inside their decaying mothers
These horny beasts never cared

Track Name: Rudely Interrupted
Falling asleep in in school
Instead of the class room
I'm in the principals office
And that hypocrite is making my doom
The ass-istant principal she thinks she's so cool
This school is full of bull-fucking-shit

Rudely Interrupted

This school is full of fucking shit
The asshole security I want to hit
Rudely interrupted on my way to class
Their insults are worse then a shard of glass
They barely saw me with their shallow eyes and gasped
Track Name: Anti-Christ
Jesus came out from the dirt
And everyone just wondered why
Jesus said "You got it wrong, Hell is up and Heaven is down."
So you believe the words he said
Oh boy, did you mess up
That guy was the Anti-Christ
666 all over your face!

He was the Anti-Christ
Track Name: Mushrooms Only Belong On Pizza
Mushrooms Only Belong on Pizza (x2)

You guys look the same
You should be ashamed
You think life is a fucking game
You fry your brains
Is there any fucking pain?
I'll rip your heart out and put it in a blender


Your heart, I will serve my dogs for breakfast
Cheese Bread and Penny will drink your blood
I'll kidnap you and throw you in the desert
And then nobody will find you!


I'll poke your eyes out and give them to the blind
I'll use your hair for woman with cancer
You have so much hair I'll make a mop too
And then I'll make a pizza out of you

Track Name: Babylotion Is Made Out of Babies
The process of making babylotion is
First you chop off their tiny heads
Second, severe their little arms

Why Do You Think My Skin is So Soft?

Now I have said the first two steps
And It's time to say the third
Then you rip those puney legs


Then grind them piece by piece
And pour onto separate bottles
Label them with different names


Track Name: I Headbutted Wednesday on the Face
I headbutted Wednesday on the face!

We the little people have a ugly voice
And no concern for your wardrobe choice
Hollywood and fake make my balls hurt
For Christ's sake, not because of you of course

I Headbutted Wednesday on the Face! (x2)

My sweat is worth more
Then your make up and powder
I'll crawl behind you and show you my power
And then I'll be back in a hour


Unaware of my birth and life
You'll me go through your head like a knife
Before you spray me with mace
I'll headbutt you in the face!


On the face, on the face on the mother fucking face!